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Hitters Mindset: The Hunter vs Fisherman

In baseball, hitting is a complex skill that requires more than just physical ability. A good hitter needs to have a sound approach at the plate. This approach is essentially the hitter's game plan or strategy for hitting. In this session, we'll discuss the two different approaches a hitter can have: the hunter and the fisherman.

The Hunter Approach: As the name suggests, the hunter approach involves stalking your prey, in this case, the fastball in your hitting zone. The key to this approach is looking for a pitch you can drive and being aggressive when you get it. You want to take advantage of positive counts (0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 3-1) and look to hit the fastball in your zone. The hunter approach is best suited for hitters who are confident in their ability to hit fastballs and have good bat speed. When done correctly, this approach can help hitters generate more power and drive more balls into the gaps or over the fence.

The Fisherman Approach: In contrast, the fisherman approach is more passive and reactive. The idea is to be ready for any pitch, in any zone, regardless of the count. When you have two strikes, the goal is to put the ball in play and avoid striking out. This approach requires a lot of discipline and patience, as you need to be able to recognize and lay off pitches outside the strike zone. The fisherman approach is best suited for hitters who are comfortable hitting with two strikes and have good plate discipline. When done correctly, this approach can help hitters get on base more often and put pressure on the defense.

One drill that can help hitters improve their approach is to line up balls across the plate and have the batter take a swing while guessing which number the ball was located. This drill helps hitters focus on the location of the pitch and develop better pitch recognition skills.

In conclusion, whether you're a hunter or a fisherman, having a sound approach at the plate is essential for success as a hitter. By developing the right approach and practicing the right drills, hitters can improve their ability to make solid contact and drive the ball.


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