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Swing Absolutes: Back Leg

When it comes to hitting a baseball, the swing is everything. But did you know that the foundation of a great swing starts with your back leg? By mastering the "hip hinge," you can prime your body for the perfect swing.

However, there are also some common faults to watch out for. Foot angle, back knee stability, and hip disconnection (standing tall) can all negatively impact your swing. So, what are the swing absolutes that you need to focus on?

1. Make sure your foot angle is facing toward home plate. This will help you generate power and stay balanced throughout your swing.

2. Maintain the hip hinge throughout your stride. If you stand up too tall, you'll end up pushing or lunging at the ball instead of hitting it cleanly. To hinge correctly, you'll need to flex and extend your hips while maintaining a neutral spine. This might take some practice, but it's crucial for getting the most power and control out of your swing.

3. Make sure you're coiling around your hip and feeling tension in that area. This will help you generate the torque you need to hit the ball with maximum force.

By focusing on these swing absolutes, you'll be well on your way to improving your back leg and setting yourself up for a more powerful and consistent swing.

Happy hitting!


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