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Hitters Mindset: Stance Absolutes

The baseball stance consists of several absolutes that are critical to achieving optimal performance at the plate. Let's examine each of them in detail.

1. The feet must be parallel to the plate to ensure proper alignment towards the pitcher. This is essential for maintaining balance and generating power during the swing.

2. The back foot should be either straight or pigeon-toed. This positioning physiologically closes the hips, allowing the hitter to load their lower half more efficiently.

3. The back knee must be inside the ankle to create pre-set energy in the lower body, which is vital for explosive swings.

4. Posture is critical. The hitter must maintain a slight bend at the waist, with the chin over the toes. However, excessive bending should be avoided, as this can negatively impact balance and power generation. A figure skater stance is a good reference point.

5. Eye level is important. The hitter must keep their eyes level and focused on the pitcher to ensure proper pitch recognition and timing.

6. The grip on the bat is essential. The bat is used as a whip and must be held in the fingertips, allowing for a faster swing and better bat control.

By following these absolutes of the baseball stance, hitters can achieve a solid foundation for their swing and maximize their potential at the plate.


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