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Hitters Mindset: Separation

Separation is a critical component of a powerful and efficient baseball swing. This term refers to the separation of the hips and shoulders during the loading and stride phase of the swing. Separation creates torque and energy due to what is known as elastic energy, which is the ability of a muscle to store and release energy.

The hitter must be able to separate the hips and shoulders at the launch position. This involves twisting the core or trunk that connects the two, which stretches the trunk and stores elastic energy. The more the hitter can separate the hips and shoulders, the more energy can be stored and released. This elastic energy is then released in the rotational movement of the swing.

The importance of separation cannot be overstated as it contributes to the increase of rotational speed and power in the swing. Without proper separation, the swing lacks power and can result in poor contact with the ball.


  1. Medicine ball rotation: This involves standing with feet shoulder-width apart, holding a medicine ball with both hands, and twisting the torso as if swinging a bat.

  2. Towel drill: which involves holding a towel between the hands and twisting the torso as if swinging a bat.

It is important to note that separation should be a natural and fluid motion, and not forced. Hitters should focus on maintaining good balance and posture while achieving separation in order to maximize the stored energy and rotational speed in their swing


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