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Hitters Mindset: On-Deck Routine

When a hitter is in the on-deck circle, it's their final chance to prepare before stepping up to the plate. Hitters often have their own unique routines and key points they focus on to help them get into the right mindset and be ready to hit.

One common routine is for hitters to take a few practice swings to get loose and get a feel for the bat. They may also focus on their breathing to help calm their nerves and clear their mind. Some hitters may also take a moment to visualize the upcoming at-bat, picturing themselves hitting the ball with power and precision.

Another key point for hitters in the on-deck circle is to study the pitcher. Hitters will watch the pitcher's delivery, paying attention to their arm angle, release point, and any tendencies they may have. This information can help the hitter anticipate the type of pitch that's coming and adjust their swing accordingly.

Hitters may also use this time to communicate with their teammates and coaches, discussing strategy and making sure everyone is on the same page. They may talk about the pitcher's tendencies, the defensive alignment, and any other factors that could impact the upcoming at-bat.

Overall, the on-deck circle is an important part of a hitter's routine and can have a big impact on their performance at the plate. By focusing on their breathing, studying the pitcher, and communicating with their teammates, hitters can be better prepared to step up to the plate and succeed in the game of baseball.


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