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Hitters Mindset: Launch Position

The moment when the front heel lands during the swing is crucial, as it signifies the start of the transfer of energy from the lower body to the upper body. This is known as the launch position and it is where the hitter should be in an athletic stance ready to launch their swing. Many amateur hitters struggle with maintaining proper mechanics at this stage, leading to breakdowns in their swing.

To ensure a strong launch position, there are several key points that hitters should focus on. Firstly, the hands should be at the back shoulder to establish a strong connection with the body. If the hands are away from the body, it can weaken the swing. The back knee should be in line with the hip, and the weight distribution should be 50/50 or 60/40 on the back side.

In terms of the bat, the knob should be pointing towards the catcher's feet, with the barrel above the head. The shaft of the bat should be covering the head, with the hands at the right height to prevent swinging too high or too low. The head should be behind the belly button to help maintain proper posture and balance.

By focusing on these key points, hitters can ensure that they are in a strong launch position and ready to generate maximum power and speed in their swing. Regular practice and drills can help to reinforce these mechanics and improve overall swing performance.


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