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2022 Ontario Youth Team: Final Camp Announced

The Ontario Cup is a tournament which assists in the selection process that determines the players that comprise the 17u Ontario Youth Team which will represent Ontario at the 2022 Canada Summer Games in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Final camp will take place at Vaughan Grove Sports Park on May 20-23, 2022

Final Selection Camp Roster

Lucas Alberti: Ontario Terriers

Preston Barr: Ontario Blue Jays

Andrew Bishop: Kitchener Panthers

Frank Anthony Caietta: Team Ontario Astros

Philip Cheong: Toronto Mets

Jack Cohen: Toronto Mets

Jesse Dale: Ontario Blue Jays

Lewis Foster: East York

Will Hancock: Fieldhouse Pirates

Ryan (RJ) James: Toronto Mets

Nathan King: Toronto Mets

Brendan Lawson: Ontario Blue Jays

Daniel Leonard: Fieldhouse Pirates

Stefan Machkovski: Toronto Mets

Sam MacLaughlin: West Toronto

Matthew Marsh: Team Ontario Astros

Owen McMulkin: Toronto Mets

Gianluca Montanaro: Toronto Mets

Jericho Morris-Johns: Team Ontario Astros

Evan Ogston: Ottawa Nepean Canadians

Brodie (BJ) Peart: Toronto Mets

KJ (Kenneth) Phillips-Jones: Toronto Mets

Ryan Press: Toronto Mets

Steven Samuel (SAM) Rambajan: Milton Mets

Brayden Ricketts: Ontario Blue Jays

Mac Robertson:Toronto Mets

Robert Savely: Ontario Blue Jays

Ben Schultz:Toronto Mets

Owen Slater: Team Ontario Astros

David Stanley: Mississauga North

Carson Tehan: Windsor Selects

Alex Uher: Toronto Mets

Jorge Valdes: Ontario Blue Jays

Matthew Vanslyke: Toronto Mets

Veer Wadhwani: Toronto Mets

Jonah Miranda: Toronto Mets

Ethan Ralph: Fieldhouse Pirates

Callum Blue: Oakville A's

Aiden Taggart: Fieldhouse Pirates

Chazz Grossington: Etobicoke Rangers


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