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2021 Vaughan Vikings Season Recap

Just like that, the 2021 season comes to an end. It was a short season, but a long year. We learned a lot and grew both on and off the field. We represented Vaughan Baseball with class and I'm sure the players understand what it takes at this level and beyond.

Thank you to the players and parents for their dedication to the 2021 Vaughan Vikings season and making this year a success.

Special thanks to coaches Len Gardiner, Danny Carozza, Michael Cecchetto, Stephen Phillips and Shawn Hamilton for being there, and being stand up guys. You are all outstanding role models for these men. I can't thank you enough for your help!!! You hold a special place in my heart.

Individual Highlights:

Ethan Coady (AVG .423) (OBP .516)

Joshua Yi (AVG .421) (OBP .500)

Marco Di Giovanni (AVG .394) (OBP .474)

Karthik Unnikrishnan (AVG .375) (OBP .423)

Charlie Reed (AVG .368) (OBP .442)

2021 Vaughan Vikings Highlight Video:

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