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Team Rules

A program's success depends on a strong foundation of team rules and values that all players must abide by. These rules are simple, yet essential to creating a selfless and competitive environment. They encompass a range of behaviors, from academic excellence to representing our team with pride.

One of our key principles is that the team comes first. This means that all players are expected to attend every scheduled event, whether it be a game, practice, fundraising activity, or charitable work. We also emphasize personal responsibility, urging players to control what they can control and take ownership of their actions on and off the field. To maintain a positive and productive team environment, we also require players to avoid any actions that could harm themselves or their teammates throughout the entire season. This includes being punctual and honest, and always striving to improve.

Ultimately, a program's success hinges on a commitment to being selfless and relentless in our pursuit of excellence. By adhering to these seven core values, we can build a high-quality team that represents baseball with pride and honor.


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