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Program Philosophy

Our program philosophy places a significant emphasis on building a positive team culture, which we believe is essential to the success of our players both on and off the field. We recognize that a strong culture is something that is felt and seen in every aspect of our program, from the way we conduct ourselves on the field and in the weight room, to how we treat our practice facilities and volunteering opportunities.

We firmly believe that neglecting team culture can lead to a toxic environment, which is why we have a zero-tolerance policy for players who do not fully embrace and uphold the values of our program. Our goal is to create a well-rounded experience for our student-athletes, where they can gain value not only from wins, but also from the hard work they put in, the experiences they have, and the relationships they build.

Another core tenet of our philosophy is to prioritize competition over pure talent. We encourage our players to constantly strive for improvement, and to always be willing to compete, whether it's during practice or in game situations. While we may face teams that are more talented than us, we believe that we can still win by doing the things we do well, and by showing greater effort and competitiveness than our opponents.

In our program, effort is something that we hold in high regard, and we do not tolerate a lack of effort from our players. We also encourage our student-athletes to carry the same drive and competitive spirit into their academic pursuits. Overall, our program philosophy is geared towards creating a positive, competitive, and well-rounded experience for our players, one that they can carry with them long after their time on the field has ended.


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