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Ontario Youth Team 2018-2022

I would like to thank Baseball Ontario for choosing me to lead the 17U Youth Team for the last five years, three competitions (2018, 2019, 2022).

Thank you to Dirk Drieberg and Frank Fascia for allowing me to finish my tenure at the 2022 Canada Summer Games, it was something truly special and I won’t forget.

I would like to thank God and my family for their ongoing support as this is not possible without them 🙏

Coaching the Ontario Youth Team is the highlight of my coaching career. It was a great experience showcasing players and playing for a National Championship. With the bright lights and pressure, the Canada Games/Canada Cup cannot be duplicated. Representing your province at the highest level will never lose it’s importance and wearing the red and white will always have a special place in my heart.

With Ontario having not medaled in the Canada Cup since 2012, in the last 3 competitions Ontario has two golds (2018, 2022) and a silver (2019). Achieving the gold at the 2022 Canada Summer Games (First gold since 2005) was the perfect ending, I’m humbled to have had this opportunity.

I would like to thank all of the OYT families that have stepped up and the sacrifices you made, you are all amazing and have raised outstanding young men. We weren’t with each other for long, but the memories and friendships will last a lifetime. Without you the Youth Team program wouldn’t be where it is today 🙏

To the players: Mitchell Bratt, Connor O’Halloran, Owen Cassie, Calvin Ziegler, Ryan Leitch, Turner Spoljaric, Owen Diodati, Jacob Miller, Ben Adams, George Cuthbert, Scott Arbuthnot, Campbell Ellis, Kieran Gagnon, Austin Gomm, Elijah Hammel, Owen MacNeil, Curtis March, Eric Martin, CJ Maury, Noel McGarry-Doyle, Stephen Phillips, Hayden Pilmer, Jake Rogers, Spencer Todd, Dante Wright, Justin Carinci, Tyler Chong, Russell Derbyshire, Owen Ellis, Drew Howard, Zachary Laurie, Patrick Mulligan, Josh Niles, Kieran Pook, Ben Roberts, William Watson, Lucas Alberti, Sam MacLaughlin, Jorge Valdes, Frank Anthony Caietta, Calvin Warrillo, Preston Barr, Brendan Lawson, Brodie Peart, Veer Wadhwani, David Stanley, Jack Cohen, Ryan James, Matthew Marsh, Mac Robertson, Carson Tehan, Brayden Ricketts, Nathan King, Owen McMulkin, Owen Slater, Aiden Taggart. You achieved accomplishments that many teams have dreamed of and you now walk as brothers in baseball and in life. Thank you for the memories 🙏

Thank you to all the GM/assistant coaches who helped throughout the years. Being certified to coach nationally is time consuming, having to give up free time, and collect levels. Thanks to; GM Frank Fascia, GM Don McKnight, Scott Robinson, Patrick Westhaver, Geoff Allen, Brodie Jeffrey, Rich Leitch, Geoff Whent and Perry Scott.

Special thank you to Scott Robinson who has been a mentor and a friend. When I took over the position after you, I knew I had some big shoes to fill. You are the best coach in the country and your dedication and passion to grow the game is unmatched.

I would also like to thank all of the coaches who helped in the selection process; Scott Hillman, Ron Oneson, JG Laroque, Neal Matte, Marc Picard, Jeff Sharpe, Meyer Shemtov, Matt Ferreira, Ryan Watson, Frank Maury, Brad Hogeterp, Jeff King, Jamie May, Arron Howell, Mike Bignall, Kerwin Belle, Brett Nodwell, Stan Wilson, Jesse Levine, Scott Cherwaty, Dave Flannagan, BJ Richardson, Kevin Paredes, Tony Simone, Stephen Phillips, Jeff Pietraszko, Mike Chechetto, Len Gardiner, Dakoda Denby, Troy Daring and the PBR crew. Your love and passion to grow the game is appreciated 🙏

Thank you to baseball Canada, all the host cities and volunteers for their time and effort in putting together these championships.

As my tenure of being the Youth Team Head Coach comes to a close, I hope to have influenced coaches and players to value the OYT program and to continue the programs success. This has been an incredible journey, I'm very thankful for everything I have learned and experienced through my time. I’ll miss the program and all of you, but I am grateful for all the experiences and interactions and thankful to everyone who has made this special.



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