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Hitting Mindset: Learning from the Best Hitters of 2024

The 2024 MLB season has given us plenty of thrilling moments and remarkable performances at the plate. As we look to help young players improve their hitting mechanics, there's no better place to start than by studying the techniques of the top hitters. In this blog, we’ll highlight the batting stance and swing mechanics of the highest batting average players, compare their techniques, and provide tips and drills to help young players emulate these successful hitters.

Analyzing the Top Hitters of 2024:

Juan Soto: Batting Average: .345

  • Batting Stance: Soto maintains a slightly open stance with his feet shoulder-width apart. His knees are slightly bent, and he keeps his hands high and close to his body.

  • Swing Mechanics: Soto's swing is characterized by a smooth, controlled load, followed by a powerful hip rotation and quick hands through the zone. He maintains excellent balance throughout his swing, ensuring maximum contact and power.

Freddie Freeman: Batting Average: .340

  • Batting Stance: Freeman uses a more upright stance with a slight bend in his knees. He positions his hands at shoulder height and keeps his head steady.

  • Swing Mechanics: Freeman's swing is notable for its fluidity and efficiency. He employs a small leg kick as a timing mechanism and generates power through strong lower body engagement and quick wrists.

Trea Turner: Batting Average: .338

  • Batting Stance: Turner adopts a slightly closed stance with a noticeable bend in his knees. His hands start high, and he maintains a relaxed, yet focused demeanor.

  • Swing Mechanics: Turner’s swing is compact and direct to the ball. He utilizes a short stride and relies on his excellent hand-eye coordination and quick hands to make consistent contact.

Comparing Their Techniques

Despite their different batting stances, these top hitters share several common traits that contribute to their success:

  • Balance and Stability: All three hitters maintain excellent balance throughout their swing. This stability allows them to generate power and make consistent contact.

  • Quick Hands: The ability to get their hands through the hitting zone quickly is a hallmark of their swings. This quickness allows them to adjust to different pitches and maintain high batting averages.

  • Efficient Hip Rotation: Effective use of the lower body, particularly the hips, is crucial for generating power. Each of these hitters demonstrates strong hip rotation, which translates to more powerful swings.

Tips and Drills to Emulate Top Hitters:

Enhance Hip Rotation Drill: Medicine Ball Rotational Throws

  • Stand sideways to a wall with a medicine ball. Perform rotational throws against the wall, focusing on using your hips to generate power. This drill strengthens the core and improves hip rotation.

Perfect Your Stance Drill: Mirror Drills

  • Practice your stance and swing in front of a mirror. Pay attention to your posture, hand position, and balance. Making adjustments in real-time can help ingrain the correct mechanics.

Consistent Contact Drill: Soft Toss

  • Have a partner toss balls underhand from the side while you focus on making contact. This drill helps with timing and ensures you’re consistently hitting the ball squarely.

Learning from the best hitters of 2024 provides valuable insights into effective hitting mechanics. By focusing on balance, quick hands, efficient hip rotation, and a solid stance, young players can improve their hitting performance. Incorporating these tips and drills into regular practice routines will help aspiring hitters emulate the success of stars like Juan Soto, Freddie Freeman, and Trea Turner. Keep practicing, stay dedicated, and soon you'll see improvement in your own game!


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