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Bob Elliott's 2019 Most Influential Canadians in Baseball

Bob Elliot, a retired sports columnist, a legend in the sport world and the mastermind behind the Canadian Baseball Network website, which tracks all active Canadian baseball players.

Every year, Bob Elliott organizes a list of the most influential baseball minds in the country, for the calendar year. From big leagues, past and present, to college coaches, all the way to the youth level. Anyone who has made a difference in the game of baseball.

No surprise this year, as Larry Walker took home his 3rd CDN honour. Larry Walker, who received an impressive 232 votes from Baseball Writers of Association of America voters with 10 years service.

Thank you to Bob Elliot for all he has done for Canadian baseball. Being mentioned on the list is a blessing. I got into coaching to help the players, not only making them better on the field, but off the field as well.

CDN Past Winners 2019 Larry Walker 2018 Larry Walker 2017: Joey Votto 2016: Joey Votto 2015: Alex Anthopoulos. 2014: Edward Rogers 2013: Blue Jays fans 2012: Paul Beeston 2011: Greg Hamilton 2010: Joey Votto 2009: Paul Beeston 2008: Paul Beeston 2007: Paul Godfrey, Greg Hamilton


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