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Hitters Mindset: Angled Batting Practice

Angle Batting Practice is a drill designed to improve the hitting skills of both entry-level and advanced players. It focuses on teaching hitters how to let the ball travel or get deep, which is a fundamental skill that all great hitters possess. By avoiding the tendency to "jump" at the ball, hitters are able to maintain better vision and make decisions about whether to swing at a pitch later in its trajectory.

The drill promotes sound fundamental swing mechanics and helps hitters keep their front shoulder in longer, which can prevent them from flying off the ball and result in a better swing path. It can be done in the cages or on the field, but on-field practice is preferred as it allows hitters to see the flight of the ball and receive instant feedback.

To set up the drill, the pitcher places the L-Screen to the hitter's left side if they are right-handed, and they should stand off-center, approximately in line with the six-hole. The pitcher is about 20 feet away from the hitter and should aim for the center of the plate to the outer third of the plate. The hitter should face the game mound or straight on to avoid opening up and facing the angled pitcher.

Hitters must hit the ball to the opposite field and aim for line drives with backspin or hard ground balls. If they are pulling balls or hitting weak fly balls to the opposite field, the drill isn't being done correctly. A screen on the mound can act as a guide for the swing path, and if a hitter hits two balls on the pull side of the screen, their round is over.

Angle Batting Practice is an effective drill to use in early work or before taking a normal round of batting practice on the field. Hitters will see benefits after a few sessions, and the drill can also be used as a defensive station with many variations.


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