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A Hitters Mindset: Timing Tips

A Hitters Mindset: Timing Tips

Timing the pitcher is a crucial aspect of hitting in baseball, and batters will often use their time in the on-deck circle to prepare themselves for the pitcher's delivery. Here are some aspects of a batter's mindset for timing the pitcher when in the on-deck circle:

Observing the pitcher's delivery: Batters will often watch the pitcher closely as they warm up and deliver pitches to the batter in front of them. They may look for cues in the pitcher's wind-up or release point that will help them anticipate the pitch.

1. Establishing a rhythm:

  • Batters may use their time in the on-deck circle to establish a rhythm or timing for their swing. This might involve practicing their swing in time with the pitcher's delivery or developing a mental countdown to help them time the pitch correctly.

2. Staying relaxed:

  • Batters need to be relaxed and loose in order to time the pitcher effectively. They may use breathing exercises or visualization techniques to help them stay calm and focused while waiting for their turn at bat.

3. Maintaining focus:

  • Batters need to stay focused on the pitcher and their delivery in order to time their swing correctly. They may use mental cues or affirmations to help them stay in the present moment and avoid distractions.

Overall, timing the pitcher requires a combination of physical and mental preparation, and the on-deck circle provides an important opportunity for batters to get themselves ready to hit. By observing the pitcher's delivery, establishing a rhythm, staying relaxed, and maintaining focus, batters can increase their chances of making solid contact with the ball.


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