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A Hitters Mindset: On-Deck Tips

A Hitters Mindset: On-Deck Tips

The on-deck circle is where the next batter in the batting order waits for their turn at bat. It is an important place for batters to prepare themselves mentally and physically for their upcoming at-bat.

Here are some common aspects of a batter's mindset when in the on-deck circle:

1. Visualizing success:

  • Batters will often visualize their upcoming at-bat, imagining themselves hitting the ball well and getting on base. This can help build confidence and focus

2. Analyzing the pitcher:

  • Batters will watch the pitcher and analyze their movements and pitch selection, looking for any patterns or weaknesses they can exploit during their at-bat

3. Physical warm-up:

  • Batters will often use the on-deck circle to loosen up their muscles and get their body ready for their at-bat. This may involve swinging their bat, stretching, or doing other exercises

4. Mental preparation:

  • Batters may use the on-deck circle to get themselves mentally ready for their at-bat, focusing on their breathing and calming their nerves

Overall, the on-deck circle is a crucial part of a batter's preparation for their at-bat, and the mindset they adopt while waiting there can have a big impact on their performance at the plate.


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