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Ontario Youth Team Final Tryout

On July 2nd and 3rd Baseball Ontario had its Ontario Youth Team Final Tryout at Vaughan Grove Sports Park. The talent has increased every year at these annual tryouts, and 2018 was absolutely no exception. Over 230 ball players originally tried out for the opportunity represent Ontario at the annual, Canada Cup. The first tryout, April 28-29 in Windsor and May 6-8 in Vaughan. The final tryout was cut down to 59 players. These players, ranging from 15-17 years old, worked with and against each other to showcase their skills and levels of experience, attempting to prove to the coaching staff why they deserve to be chosen. We had seven players post sub-seven times in the 60 yard dash, led by 2019 outfielders Kieran Gagnon (6.47) Noel McGarry Doyle (6.88) and infielder Elijah Hammill (6.70). The bats were alive as Junior National Team member Owen Diodati put on a show blasting long home runs as well as the line drive swing of Austin Gomm. It's a necessary evil that's never easy for any coaching staff, deciding which players to choose. This year was no different, with the talent that was displayed, it was difficult. Although, I wouldn't want it any other way, as baseball in Ontario is growing and the future is bright. Thank you Dirk Drieberg, Mary Ann Smith and Enza Finnie for all your help in organizing. Special thank you to Patrick Westhaver, Frank Fascia, Geoff Allen, Rich Leitch, Jaime May, Mike Bignall, Frank Maury, Kerwin Belle, Scott Hillman, George Halim, Brett Nodwell, Jeff King, Ron Oneson, Ryan Watson, Mark Williams, Tony Simone and Brad Hogey. Your dedication and knowledge is unmatched and is why baseball in this province continues to grow.

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