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Ontario Youth Team 40 - Man Tryouts

2018 Ontario Cup Tournament:

The Ontario Cup is the start of the selection process that determines the players that comprise the Ontario Youth Team which will represent Ontario at the 2018 Canada Cup in Moncton, NB.

2nd Camp Date and Location:

July 2 & 3, 2018 at Vaughan Grove Sports Complex.

Players Invited to 2nd Camp:

Christian Bottero

George Cuthbert

Owen Diodati

Ryan Leitch

Spencer Todd

Brady Wagenhoffer

Jacob Jackson

Neel Paliwal

Zach Gardiner

Noah Case

CJ Maury

Matthew Ward

Jake Brennan

Tyrell Schofield-Sam

Charlie Towers

Carter Arbuthnot

Gabriel Bourgeois

Austin Gomm

Liam MacPherson

Robert Mannella

Anthony Scali

Dante Wright

Russell Agar

Darius Armorer

Jamal Armstrong

Kieran Gagnon

Justin Groves

Noah Hull

Ryan Kay

Noah LaLonde

Eric Martin

Noel McGarry Doyle

Brenden McQuinn

Jacob Prsa

Dylan White

Benjamin Adams

Rushil Bhat

Cody Bond

Ryan Brodie

Brandon Deans

Bennett Duncan

Evan Elliott

Campbell Ellis

Nicholas Fraser

Alex Hache

Graham MacNeil

Owen MacNeil

Sacha Malhi

Curtis March

Zachary Morgan-Yeates

Connor O'Halloran

Stephen Phillips

Hayden Pilmer

Keegan Pulford-Thorpe

Jake Rogers

Evan Soules

Lukas Touma

Elijah Hammel

Tyson Gomm

Coaching Staff:

General Manager: Don McKnight

Assistant GM: Frank Fascia

Field Manager: David Quattrociocchi

Assistant Coaches:

Geoff Allen

Rich Leitch

Patrick Westhaver

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