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2014 College Showcase Update

We're thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding players of West Toronto Baseball who recently showcased their talent at the Pro Teach Baseball college showcases this past weekend. The event, hosted by, proved to be a remarkable platform for our players to display their skills and catch the eyes of industry professionals.

Over the weekend, more than 20 MLB Scouts and 20 Division 1 College/University coaches meticulously evaluated the players, providing them with a golden opportunity to make a lasting impression. The atmosphere was electric and the competition was fierce as our athletes went head-to-head with some of the best talents in the region.

Now, let's shine a spotlight on some of our standout players who left an indelible mark:

  1. Kevin Hillsdon: A true force on the mound, Kevin showcased his exceptional pitching skills by reaching an impressive speed of 86 mph. His dedication and hard work are clearly paying off, and we can't wait to see his continued success on the field.

  2. Evan Ross: Another standout performer, Evan consistently delivered powerful pitches, reaching a top speed of 81 mph. His precision and control on the mound were truly remarkable, earning him well-deserved recognition from the scouts and coaches in attendance.

  3. Tommy Nguyen: Behind the plate, Tommy demonstrated his prowess with an astounding pop time of 1.97. His lightning-fast reflexes and accuracy make him a standout catcher, and we're confident that his skills caught the attention of those in the know.

The entire West Toronto Baseball community is beaming with pride at the accomplishments of these talented athletes. We commend each player who participated in the showcases for their hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship.

As we celebrate these achievements, let's also extend our gratitude to Pro Teach Baseball for providing such a valuable platform for our players to showcase their talents. We look forward to witnessing the continued success of our athletes as they pursue their baseball dreams.

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