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A Players Perspective "Team"

This past season with West Toronto was by far my favourite year of baseball. From training in the winter to playoffs in late August, there wasn't a moment I didn't enjoy thoroughly. Not only have I made many advancements in the game of baseball this season, but I've also learned a lot of new things about myself. Through staying positive, believing in my potential and capabilities, and giving every last play my all, I have become a more confident and well-rounded player and person. With coaching like no other, this year has strongly embedded on me the concept of being a team-orientated player, a skill that will help me on and off the baseball field. Despite some downs, the ups of this year showed me the true passion, fight, and commitment needed for a team to be successful. I can say with certainty that the Elimination Tournament was the highlight of the season and an experience like no other for myself. The way our team came together and how every last member of our team contributed to the win, was a baseball and life experience that I will always remember and forever try to replicate. I personally enjoyed the establishment of the MEL League this year. It created a competitive baseball atmosphere for the whole season, and allowed me to challenge myself and excel like never before. This season with West Toronto has been a fun and memorable experience to say the least, and I only hope for the same next season.


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