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Baseball Swing "The Hand Path"

Baseball Swing "The Hand Path"

The topic at hand is the "hand path" in baseball swing mechanics. This discussion revolves around the debate of whether a batter should have a linear or a rotational hand path. Both major league batting instructors and youth coaches tend to teach what is commonly known as the "A to B" swing or the "Short to it and long through it" swing, which emphasizes a specific hand path. When instructing this technique, most coaches focus on breaking down the swing and isolating the hand path, often having athletes practice on one knee to prohibit hip rotation and force a linear hand path.

However, it's important to note that the mechanics of a baseball swing involve both linear and rotational aspects. While the stride is the only linear component, the rest of the swing relies heavily on rotation, starting from the rear foot, knee, hips, shoulders, hands, and head. When practicing drills for the hand path, it's crucial to use the right ones and maintain proper sequencing.

Remember to #StayInSequence to ensure that all aspects of the swing are properly executed.


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