• David Quattro

Baseball Swing "The Hand Path"

Hand Path

During a hitting clinic I had few weeks ago there was the topic of the "hand path". The discussion led to whether a batter has a linear hand path or a rotational hand path. Major league batting instructors as well as youth coaches, tend to teach what is known as an "A to B " swing or "Short to it the ball and long through it". When teaching this hand path we will find that most instructors breakdown the swing, isolating the hand path. They have athletes set up on one knee.

Because the athletes hip rotation is prohibited, its forcing the athlete to have a linear hand path.

With the mechanics of a baseball swing we must understand that there is both a linear and rotational aspects. The only part of the swing that is linear is "the stride". Once the stride has ended and we move into the rotational component of the swing we must have are athletes thinking about the whole body rotating starting from the rear foot, rear knee, hips, shoulders, hands and the head. Let's take a look at the major league leader in hits (4256) Pete Rose, with a top view of his hand path. Video courtesy of Joey Myers.

Be careful on which drills you use and dont forget to #StayInSequence

David Quattrociocchi