• David Quattro


Extension Reading over some Twitter comments today about the baseball swing. so I decided to write an article about extension. Many coaches focus on the extension portion of the swing thinking that the arms have to be extended prior to contact.

Thinking of the swing in this manner, will create top down swings. A top-down swing is where the hands and upper body supersede the lower body. One drill that I have seen coaches use is where they set up the tee way out in front of the batter and they want the batter to hit the ball with their arms extended. This will only cause your bat to be in the lag position too long which will decrease your bat path and make you more inconsistent contact. Another cause of making contact with your arms extended is that it will force your hands in a straight line to the ball "throw your knob to the ball", as some coaches say. The hands actually work in a circular pattern. Pete Rose the MLB Hits Leader - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Huda3vQUPN4 Looking at elite hitters, they never hit the ball with their arms extended. They use the sequencing of the swing starting with the lower half, which slots the elbow and allows the hands to work inside the ball. At contact, both elbows should be bent and at roughly the same degree that they were, when the front foot landed "Connection".

Remember that the swing works like a row of dominoes and if we focus too much on the upper half we will lose the sequencing of the swing David Quattrociocchi