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"The Domino Effect"

The domino effect is a crucial concept in baseball hitting mechanics. To maximize bat speed and power, the swing must occur sequentially. Similar to a line of dominoes falling, each movement in the swing provides energy to the next movement, creating a powerful and explosive swing. Any disruption in the sequence will require restarting the energy transfer and result in a less effective swing.

The swing sequence begins with the legs, as weight shifts onto the inside of the rear leg and the front foot advances forward. Mechanical problems often stem from improper leg movement, which disrupts the body's ability to work in sequence. The front foot should land in heel-to-heel alignment, allowing for proper hip and upper body movement.

When identifying mechanical faults, it is important to examine the entire sequence and identify the root cause of the breakdown. For example, staying inside the ball is a result of proper stride alignment and hip sequence.

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