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NCCP Coaching Clinics

1. What is the NCCP? - The NCCP is a training and certification program for coaches, offered across Canada in more than 60 sports.

2. Why was it designed? - The program was designed to meet the needs of a wide range of coaches, from those who introduce youngsters to sport to those who work with Canada's high performance athletes. 

3. How many have participated? - Since its inception, more than 875,000 coaches have taken part in NCCP activities that have helped them to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to coach effectively. 

The NCCP prepares coaches to:

  • Better meet the needs of all participants in sport

  • Provide a positive sport experience to participants

  • Provide opportunities for participants to achieve their full potential in and through sport.

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NCCP Coaches Evaluation


A certified coach obtains the credibility of community sport and they are recognized as meeting or exceeding the high standards which are embraced by more than 60 National Sport Organizations in Canada. Coaches are evaluated on their ability, to demonstrate in the areas such as:

  • Program design

  • Practice planning

  • Performance analysis

  • Program management

  • Ethical coaching

  • Support to participants during training

  • Support participants in competition. 

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2020 NCCP Clinics

2019 NCCP Clinics

2018 NCCP Clinics

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