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Coach Q's Literary Odyssey:
A Multifaceted Journey through Sports, Poetry and Resilience

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Hi there! I'm Coach Q and I'm thrilled to take you on an incredible journey through my literary creations.

"The Art of Defence" is not just a poetry collection; it's my celebration of the unsung heroes in baseball, capturing the artistry and athleticism that make each defensive position unique. Then there's "A Summer to Remember," a firsthand account of the 2022 Canada Summer Games. Join me behind the scenes, from tryouts to the championship game, and experience the heart and determination that led Ontario to gold.


Now, let me share "The Spirit of Canadian Baseball" with you. This captivating poem delves into Canada's rich baseball history, from Beachville's humble beginnings to the iconic moments in the Hall of Fame. It's a journey through triumphs, untold tales beneath Lake Ontario's waters and the enduring love for legendary teams. And speaking of enduring spirit, "Beyond Limits" is a collection of heartfelt poems close to my heart. It explores the strength and resilience of individuals with disabilities, offering messages of hope and celebration of the human spirit.


So, whether you're into the artistry of sports, the excitement of championships, the spirit of Canadian baseball, or stories of resilience, my books have something special for you. Join me on this unique adventure, and let's dive into these stories together!

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