• David Quattro

"The Domino Effect"

The Domino Effect The domino effect is the term I use to describe the baseball hitting sequence. In order to maximize your bat speed and power, your swing must work sequencially. Thinking of the domino effect where, once one domino falls it provides energy into the next domino so on and so forth. If the dominoes stop at any moment, we have to restart the energy which will be less explosive. Looking at hitting mechanics, the swing sequence starts with the legs. As weight is shifted onto the inside of the back rear leg as the front foot advances forward. A lot of mechanical hitting problems start with the legs which doesn't allow the body to work in sequence. As the front foot advances it should land in heel to heel alignment, which will allow the hips and the upper body to fall sequentially. When looking at mechanical faults, we should see where the breakdown has happened and look at the previous steps that caused the breakdown. Example staying inside the ball is a byproduct of proper stride alignment and hip sequence. David Quattrociocchi